JP Fulmer


JP is a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA.  

His knowledge comes from hands on experience over the course of his life. As a young athlete, he learned the value of body mechanics. As the father of a professional athlete, he has learned the value of sustained dedication and consistency. He strongly believes that patience, dedication and perseverance pay off in the long run because he has lived each of those things. Having had to realign himself late in life to a healthy lifestyle in both fitness and nutrition, he has been able to slash 85 lbs of excess fat, vastly increasing his energy levels and overall quality of life. An important focus on his fitness journey was shaping and maintaining a balanced and normal lifestyle.  

His philosophy is “if you deny yourself, you will end up on the wrong side of where you want to be”. Through moderation and discipline, you can still experience all of life’s guilty food pleasures with moderation and diligence. He truly believes that everyone is capable of making the decision to lead a healthy lifestyle. Being a “foodie” himself, he has mastered the art of balance. He is more than happy to share his success with others and help teach them the necessary skills to success. 

JP made a drastic career move this year by changing from Petroleum Engineering to Personal Training. He took on the role of the Office Manager at Clif Fitness in addition to providing specialized personal training sessions including nutrition and Herbalife supplements. 

If he can make the change, so can you. Who better to understand where you are than someone who has been there!